The Pasvik River is one of the largest in Fennoscandia. Its river-bed passes along the Norway and Russia border.

The Pasvik River is 166.6 km long and 120 km of its length is measured from the Finnish border (70m a.s.l.) to its outlet at Kirkenes (Holtan & Brettum 1976). Its total catchment is 20890 km2, of which 69.8% belong to Finland, 25.2% to Russia and 5% to Norway. The upper part of the catchment mainly includes the Inari Lake in Finland, while the catchment on Russia side the Kuetsyarvi Lake dominates with the largest tributary, Shuoniyoki River, coming from the South-east.

Anthropogenic load over the Pasvik River water catchment is stipulated by smoke emissions and the "Pechenganikel" industrial wastes and also, consumer wastes from the settlements placed on its water catchment.
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