One of sights of Kola North is a very unusual sky.

At the clear night it is possible to observe polar lights, the Kola peninsula is located in a zone polar oval -- place, where the polar lights are observed most frequently.

Other reason of the unique light phenomena consists that in winter time the sun the long time is located near to horizon, providing specific illumination of clouds.

And at last, influence of human activity. In Arkhangelsk area northern space centre of Russia is located. The launchings of space objects cause the most fairylike phenomena.



In first two photos the event occurred in the beginning of the eightieth years is shown. I do not remember exact date of this event, but it is possible to tell, that it occurred during polar night. Time of shooting about 8-9 o'clock in the morning.
The following series of photos concerns to the phenomenon observed in the sky January 17 of this year, i.e., soon after termination polar night. A luminescence similar to fragments of a rainbow were observed since midday till 15 o'clock. Certainly human eye the perfect device, than those cameras, which were used in this case (PANASONIC and digital QuickTake 150). Therefore on the images it fails to achieve exact conformity. The sky was certainly more light, and the colours were more gentle, but the general representation about the phenomenon can be received from these images.