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Kola Science Centre is connected to the Internet via a 64kbps satellite link provided by Norsar, Norway. It was originaly used for other purposes but converted for Internet use in 1994.

The link is presently shared by users at INEP and the Seismological Centre. Two CISCO routers and a 256kbps synchronous link connects the two institutes together using modems and opto-isolated repeaters from Black Box Corporation. Optical isolation, using built-in opto-couplers proved essential to avoid problems with large differences in ground potential due to special climatic conditions in the arctic.

The present copper-based link will be replaced by a fibre-optic link in the spring when frost and snow conditions allows installation work to start. This will also allow several more buildings to be connected to the campus network which will be built based on a Ethernet/FDDI backbone over fibre-optical links and DEChub network products from Digital Equipment Corporation.

The present link for INEP was set up in a cooperative project with INEP, Norsar and Digital, and represents a concrete step forward in the KolaNet project.

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Last Update: 1997-11-09