Most important companies in the town

Kola Science Centre
(Russian Academy of Science)
2160 employed.
AK Apatit (Kirovsk, town near Apatity)
5500 employed, production of apatite and nepheline concentrate.
AK Apatitstroi
1690 employed, construction of industrial, domestical and communal housing, production of building - materials.
AK Nitec
220 employed, production of radio - electronic materials
Apatity Heating Plant
1200 employed, production of heating and electricity.
AO Apatitybread
250 employed, production of bread and breadrelated products.
AO Milkcombinate
110 employed, milk products.
AO Agriculture firm "Industry"
850 employed, production of milk, meat, eggs and vegetables.
AO Murmansk geological prospecting expedition
410 employed, mineral resource prospecting on Kola peninsula.
Murmansk Committee on Geology and Mineral Resources use
25 employd - geological survey and control over natural resources' use, handing licenses for mineral resources' use