Khibiny Technical College Kirovsk

Khibiny Technical College Kirovsk (KTC) is located in Kirovsk, Murmansk Region, Russia.

The Khibiny Technical College is the educational establishment that provides three-four years educaion in two fields: technology and economics. The KTC also offers a variety of training and retraining courses within the framework of KTC's Training Business Centre (TBC).

Training in various fields of study offered by our College:

The KTC has international contacts in the sphere of education. The foreign partners of the KTC are:

The KTC is participant of the international education Project "Gateway" and MOROZOV Project.
Within the KTC the information service is being created meant for accepting satellite information from Russian Ministry of Education.

Our motto is: "Vis unita fortior"

Mail address:

2, 50 Let Oktyabrya str.
184230 Kirovsk
Murmansk Region



095 751 295 14 158 (from Norway)
990 751 295 14 158 (from Finland)
47 789 14 158 (from other countries)

Names, titles, and phones of principal officers of the College:

Alexander Koptyaev, Rector, (81531) 9 43 09, 2 14 03
Ludmila Sepp, First Vice-Rector, (81531) 9 42 45, 2 14 08
Ludmila Kuzmichova, Vice-Rector, Head of the TBC, (81531) 9 42 36