Joint KolaNet Mission, Goals and Objectives.



To establish a resilient regional network for environmental monitoring, mappining & management...
... In particular, to provide a Quick Response to possible nuclear & environmental accidents...

Goals & Objectives

  1. To establish a regional environmental network within the Barents Region of Northern Europe and Russia for purpose of providing a quick response to possible nuclear and other environmental accidents.
  2. Provide a local and regional information basis on environmental matters, which integrates the already existing solutions.
  3. Integrate these local/regional information systems in a national and international communication network.
  4. To establish supporting professional training and education courses for all aspects of environmental KolaNet Programme including technical hardware, software, networking, system management, as well as environmental awareness for regional and city government administration, industrial enterprises and educational establishments (schools, colleges and universities).
  5. To re-establish and extend relationships between organisations and individuals within the Barents Region for purpose of collaborative projects for environmental modelling, mapping and 3D simulations.
  6. To communicate the aims, objectives and achievements of the KolaNet Programme to government organisations, industrial enterprises, investment banks & agencies in order to promote the Barents Region as an attractive region for industrial investment and hence generate economic and social re-vitalisation.

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Last Update: 1997-11-03